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The ‘Eton Mess’ Facial

A post-Jubilee beauty treat!

If you have a glut of Strawberries and Cream you can make this Eton Mess Parfait:

Eton Mess Parfait

Thank you BBC Good Food for the image and recipe,  sounds Deeelish!

Then if you are not yet tired of strawberries and cream, why not put some aside to revive your skin and ‘feed your face’ in a different way!

You will need two-three strawberries, some double cream and egg white:

Strawberries are rich in Vit C, but also have a naturally exfoliating and brightening effect on the skin, so suitable for normal, oily and dry skins.  The double cream contains lactic acid, again a gentle skin exfoliant but also lecithin and vit D, which are skin-friendly buddies for nourishing and hydrating the skin.  Double cream provides a lovely tactile, rich creamy mask  and feels luxurious on the skin.  The egg whites provide a temporary tightening effect – so  a mini uplift for tired, puffy screen sore eyes.

Delectable and fragrant
strawberries & cream facial

  1. Take two-three clean and hulled strawberries (organic if possible)
  2. Mash or blitz to a pulp
  3. Strain off excess juice
  4. Whip 2 tablespoons of double cream until thick
  5. Now add the drained strawberries to the thickened cream and combine
  6. Now attack the egg white, whip up a little until it thickens slightly but don’t make it into meringue!
  7. Apply a small amount of the egg white around the eye area, pat with middle finger – a little under the brow, following eye socket out and round to the outer eye where crows feet might appear (like in a crescent moon shape), avoid applying to inner corner of eyes.
  8. Apply the strawberry and cream mixture to the skin, avoiding eyes and mouth, you can take the mask under the chin and cover part of the neck too!
  9. Leave products on for 5 minutes.
  10. Rinse gently with warm water, pat dry and apply a fine layer of Jojoba oil in upward sweeping strokes.
  11. This is a fresh mask so use up immediately – apply to back of hands too if there is any excess

This basic recipe can be tailored in so many ways.  I like to add a level teaspoon of ground almonds to the Strawberries & Cream mix,  or if  you are allergic to nuts add fine oatmeal instead.  This gives a thicker mask and is helpful for a more physical, but gentle exfoliating effect; an extra bonus is that almonds and oats are quite soothing so helpful for dry/sensitive skins.  If adding either of these ingredients allow the mask to dry for 8 mins and then gently rub in small circular motion around chin and nose to loosen the mask – these areas get very congested, then remove with luke warm water or a cooled herbal tea – such as green tea or chamomile!  Pat dry and moisturise if necessary.

Voila – your skin will look more even, brighter and clearer.

Oilier or problem skins can use this mask twice a week, and you could add or replace the Strawberries with Raspberries.

Drier/combination skins can use as a weekly treat during the Summer – when soft fruits are at the best.

* Strawberry & cream on spoon picture credit: www.jonesandjonesfashion.com

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Get Buffy with it ..

skin like an armadillo?
image: animal-wildlife.blogspot.com

Ok, Spring has sprung … the sun has been a bit shy of shining but you know it is only a matter of time before the legs and arms will have to be revealed in all their pallid, bumpy, pasty, dehydrated glory (unless you have been a dedicated  goddess of sloughing and slathering over the winter months …yeah ..riiiight!?)

Well, following on from the Avocado post, here are a few top tips for gently coaxing that skin to hydrated, smooth,* ‘plumptiousness’.. ready … action!

My top 7 tips to shed the Armadillo

  1.  Eat your greens, nuts, seeds, oily fish, berries, and  whole grains
  2.  Stay hydrated – pure water, or to jazz it up thin slices of cucumber, or lime/lemon/ orange and put in a jug of water – chill and drink through the day; hot water and lemon, green/herbal teas (keep coffee and tea, cola and juices to a minimum)

    The ultimate beauty tool – a body brush!

  3. Dry skin brush daily – effective and cheap!  Purchase a long-handled natural bristle brush and start gently, before your morning shower, brushing in UPWARD strokes from soles of feet, up legs (back/front), buttocks, back, gently in overlapping strokes, I use circular motions on abdomen (clockwise direction) but you can use upward, arms brushing towards armpit from fingertips, very gently across chest and finally upper back.  Carry out daily for a week, then alternate days for a further week. (Avoid brushing like a possessed Lady Macbeth with a brillo pad – raw lobster look is not the  desired result, and avoid the face and breasts).

    Skin brushing diagram
    (image: www.subtlethings.com)

  4. Shower with a non-drying soap or shower gel
  5. Anoint and nourish your body with a mini massage daily after your shower apply your favourite body lotion/oil/butter or make this one up:
  • 10 ml Macadamia oil
  • 10 ml Jojoba oil or Coconut oil (or combine 5 ml of each)

Macadamia is a ‘dry’ oil and is deceptively rich even though it is easily absorbed into the skin – it is one of my favourite oils, I love it and it suits all skin-types.   Jojoba is actually a liquid wax and is very similar in chemical structure to human sebum, it is suitable for all skin types and is excellent to use neat as a facial oil.  Coconut is extremely economical, provides excellent glide and leaves skin gleaming.

6. Exfoliate with a physical scrub once a week, paying attention to legs, buttocks and upper arms in particular.  Here is a simple one to try at home:

Limes for your Exotic Citrus scrub

Exotic Sugar Lime and Ginger

2 tablespoons White sugar
2 tablespoons Brown sugar
Olive oil/coconut or grapeseed
2  drops ginger essential oil
4 drops lime essential oil
Combine the sugars in a jar and add the single or combine the oils gradually to achieve your desired consistency, if you add too much oil just add more of the sugar.  Texture should be gritty enough but enough oil to allow to scrub over skin.  You can adjust the ratio of the essential oils to suit your personal taste, but do not exceed a total of 10 drops.  Store in a clean jar and use 1-2 times a week.  I tend to apply the scrub on dry skin in circular movements over desired areas and then shower off.  The oils leave the skin really soft – bonus!  *just take care getting out of bath and ensure you clean off any residual oil as you don’t want to have a ‘kodak slip-up’ moment.
7. Exercise – get your heart pumping, the skin is one of our largest excretory organs and yet in the West we actually do not sweat enough.  Try Zumba, Spinning, a run, power yoga, vigorous walk, dancing ..whatever it takes.  Shower as soon as you can after your exertions, keep hydrated with a glass of water and keep your blood sugar up a banana , some nuts, oatcakes (+ some cheeky peanut butter) afterwards etc

*my own word, (well it is not just the perogative of Shakespeare)  in my head it means skin that has that bouncy, lit from within, peachy-rose radiance ..it’s achieved with inner goodness (thoughts and food), outer ‘goddess-ness’ (the sloughing and slathering) and yes,… some sweaty cardio too has to be endured!

Let me know how you get on .. I aim to be ‘pin-perfect’ by end of June … that’s the goal!

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